Hellraiser Torture Apron

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Hellraiser Torture Apron

Extend your Pinhead costume on grisly fashion

Formerly was Captain Elliot Spencer, as its original name, an officer in the First World War.He opens a cube-shaped puzzle box during a solitary ritual.Solving the puzzles brings the stricken by the horrors of war man an extension of existence in a cruel and bizarre nature.Of the typical for the Hellraiser saga chains pulled in the labyrinth of the Leviathan, Spencer lived through a physical change.Horizontal and vertical scars adorn henceforth his ashen, bald head.At each of the intersections him a nail is hammered.Since then he has Pinhead, probably the most famous Zenobit from the US hit movie HELLRAISER.

The original Hellraiser Torture Apron is made of imitation leather, includes 6 hazardous torture and murder weapons and is the crowning glory for any Halloween costume that, in the sadistic world of Hellraiser SAW Jigsaw Mask or Hostel torture victims Costume plays.

  • Material: plastic