Crazy Bride shoulder shrike

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Crazy Bride shoulder shrike

Funny Joke articles as JGA Party Accessories for the wedding shower

One of the best gags ever! Hard stranglehold of the bride it is as a bridegroom of this bride.The crazy bride represents a mixture of Dame Edna and Olivia Jones and seems to be a little possessive.The crazy bride is simply placed and fastened around his shoulders and ready is the boisterous comic.
The Crazy Bride shoulder shrike suits Halloween as well as for Bachelor Party! Miss you but with the Accident Make Up / Injury Stack additionally a few realistic looking strangulation marks.See also our Demon Strangler and our Crazy winter Vampire Bite Wound !

1 x Crazy Bride shoulder shrike

  • Material head: plastic with artificial hair.
  • Material: 100% Polyester Cape.