Batman costume

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Batman costume

Transform into the superhero Batman

Batman "The Dark Knight".The costume of the "Dark Knight" went through over the decades numerous Wandlungend and developed with continuance of the Batman saga from simple hero-in-tights-model for the ultra-modern high-tech armor.So the mantle of Batman costume was kept even in a rich royal blue, sometimes in a deep black.Similar situation is also with his body suit, the once light gray (with black overtrousers), a is held at other times deep black.Particular importance has always came to the Batgürtel which wrapped around the waist Wunderkiste with smoke bombs, chemicals, rope, Baterang and all that is necessary for the rescue at the last minute.This Batman outfit, based on current movies, is held in black shiny, padded muscular, thus making the title "Dark Knight" honor.

Black Batman suit with muscle application for the upper body, cape, belt and mask.Still superhuman acts with her if ye Aqua Color black 30ml eyes makeup black.Thus, your eyes is only the white visible.

  • Delivery: 1x Batman costume
  • Color: black
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Material: 100% Polyester