Surgeons Costume XL

Item #: 18188 XL

Surgeons Costume XL

A queasy hospital Feeling arises by itself when you show up with the surgeon costume.A little imagination and a little fake blood produce still fear to

Doctors and nurses tunic costume are just like our surgeons especially popular when it comes to costume in XL quick and easy dressing.The surgeon costume is an all-purpose costume because you can wear it both Carnival and Halloween and other costume parties ,

With a Stethoscope Costume Accessory and fake blood and latex organs you become a true torture surgeon wearing surgical outfit.This surgeon costume Oversized you become the human mincer, brutal cosmetic surgeons or rabid organ thieves and worry for anxious and frightened glances.The OP panel consists of the green shirt surgeon, the surgical mask and green surgical cap.For female support in horror hospital provides our Sexy hot nurse Gr. S That a great Halloween costume couple emits together with the surgeon costume.

Includes: Shirt, Mask, Hood

Size: XL corresponds to Gr.54-56

Material: 100% Polyester