Tamer Costume Pink XL

Item #: 8801187 XL

Tamer Costume Pink XL

Great men tame large animals

A circus lion tamer like to wear fancy uniforms like this, because with such a color any wild animal is intended to be meek pet.Let the trainer out in you, and volume on the next carnival party rutting Mietzen and chickens.

The Tamer Costume Pink XL consists of trousers and jacket which are color coordinated and thus result in a great full suit.The jacket is closed at the front on the draw with a simple zipper, five different lengths of decorative borders, the ends of which are golden-colored plastic buttons.On the shoulders each A flap was enclosed with a fabric ornament hanging from the golden pigtails.On each sleeve, a decorative border runs approx. 20cm long, which is held in the same design as those on the front page.The pants makes her stretch band in the waist for optimal fit and features with the two pockets on the course page for cell phone, keys or hands.With the beard Dashing black and the Lincoln Top Hat create a mega outfit.

Product Information:
  • Delivery includes: jacket and pants
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Color: Pink

  • Size XL: Jacket: Overall length: about93.5 cm, Waist: approx62cm, chest width: ca63cm, shoulder width: ca53cm, Sleeve Length: approx64.5 cm
  • Trousers: Total length: approx111cm, leg width: ca25cm, inseam: approx33cm, waist width: ca46-54cm