Roman Senator XXL

Item #: 8802224 XXL

Roman Senator XXL

Disguise yourself as a senator and defending the Republic

Before the emperor Caesar Augustus and took power in Rome, it was the noble senators, who directed the huge empire.So a senator had not only a good politician and orator be, but also a powerful commander and officer in the Legion.As a great senator you on behalf of S.P.Q.R ("Senatus Popolusque Romanum" = Senate and People of Rome) Enlarge the Republic.

The Roman senator costume consists of a tunic with attached cape and a golden rope as a belt.The white short-sleeved tunic is about knee length.The purple-red velvet cape has front at the shoulders two golden brooches, it is simply placed around the neck.The golden rope is worn at the waist as a belt.A Roman Sword (Gladius), a pair Body Art Tattoo Bloodlust (Caligae) and a Roman Helmet Gold (Cassis) make the Senator prepared to campaign.

  • Delivery : Tunic, cape, belt
  • Color : White-Red
  • Material : 100% Polyester
  • Size : XXL
Dimensions XXL
Waist approx. 65 cm
Total length tunic approx. 110 cm
Length cape approx. 120 cm