Radioactive Suit Plus Size Costume

Item #: 19373

Radioactive Suit Plus Size Costume

Fukushima Zombie a Radiocative Recovery Officer

As Atom Zombie with a mutated gas mask on her face you schockst on Halloween parties and other horror events.The Radioactive suit a Fukushima Zombie Costume is suitable for Halloween and Zombie Walks, where you care as undead nuclear scientist sensation and can do this attention to the hazards of nuclear power.

The white protective suit is covered with neon green patches, suggesting a radioactive contamination.The radiation protection suit is closed with a Velcro closure and has on the left chest, a green, black Radioactivity sign and a Radioactive Recovery lettering in black.The nuclear protection suit can be combined with excellent Gas Mask Latex and Biohazard Contact Lenses or Cybergoth Gas Mask combine.The radiation protection suit is also suitable for Halloween, carnival, slogan, Techno Rave and bunker parties the perfect all-round protection for the next outbreak.

Delivery: Radioactive Suit Costume

  • Plus Size Costume
  • For Nuclear Manager to a height of 187cm and 136kg bodyweight
  • White protective suit with neon green patches
  • closeable with Velcro
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Gasmask is not included in the delivery