Nerd Costume XL

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Nerd Costume XL

This heavy geek carries more than just kilobytes!

Every generation has their oddballs. Before the days of computers they were called swots, nowadays they are nerds or geeks. Being a nerd used to get you into trouble. You were mobbed and maybe even beaten up, buit those days are gone! Today being a geek is all the rage! Wear flood pants, a wooly hat, a too short tie or thick glasses, everything nerd-like is trendy and rocks!

Our Nerd Costume in size XL is the ultimate geek costume for people with lots of space on their hard disk! The funny costume is a one-piece outfit consisting of chequered flood pants with attached white shirt, name tag, belt and yellow tie. The cool nerd glasses are included in delivery and make your geek look complete. For all girlfriends of computer freaks, we have our Sexy Schoolgirl Uniform L !

Material: 100% polyester,  Size XL: fits persons up to approx. 187 cm and 135 kg, shoulder width approx. 60 cm, inseam approx.63 cm, waist 63 cm