Men's Shirt Charlie Chaplin XL

Item #: 8801228 XL

Men's Shirt Charlie Chaplin XL

To be in the spotlight just once...

Feel like one of the mega stars of the Golden Twenties! Men dressed in style and looked extremely elegant. Black suits were all the range and naturally stars like Charlie Chaplin used to wear them all the time!

Our Men's Shirt Charlie Chaplin XL is a printed shirt that looks like a dinner jacket. This plus size fun shirt with printed tuxedo, pleated shirt, bow and cummerbund in the style of the 1920s will make you look as if you were wearing a stylish suit while you're dressed in a comfy longsleeve. 

Additional information:
  • shoulder width 57 cm
  • total length 70 cm
  • hip width 50 cm
  • Material: 100 % polyester