Stone Age Hunter Costume Premium

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Stone Age Hunter Costume Premium

5-piece Neandertaler men costume for cavemen

Neandertals were hunters and collectors, they lived in caves and discovered the fire and used it to your advantage. Stone-men were hunting and collecting what they could find. On carnival parties Neandertals costumes are not extinct and are very popular

The excellent Stone Age Hunter costume consists of 5 parts and has earned the premium premium by its first-class workmanship. The shirt in tiger look is jagged on the sleeves and belly, by which it would appear that it would happen in a fight. The excellent hunting costume has a unit size and can easily be put on jeans or similar trousers. To complete your Neandertaler costume we have the Giant Stone Age lobe and the Stone Age Suggestion available

  • 1 x Stone Age Hunter Costume consisting of:
    1 x Neandertaler Shirt
    1 x Neandertaler trousers
    1 pair of fur cuffs
    1 x belt
    1 x bracelet
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Size: One Size, trousers with elastic