Roman Senator

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Roman Senator

Disguise yourself as a senator and defending the Republic

Senator in Rome was just who was born in the right family and a successful officer in the Legion was.A senator then had also a good politician, lawyer and orator be, therefore, the Senators were the elite of Rome.In costume of the Roman senator you (S. on behalf of the Senate and people of RomeP.Q.R = "Senatus Popolusque Romanum") Enlarge the Republic.

The Roman senator costume consists of a tunic, a red cape and a golden cord as a belt.The short-sleeved white tunic is about knee length.The dark red cloak of velvet, which is simply placed around the neck, has front at the shoulders two golden brooches.The golden rope is worn at the waist as a belt.A Roman Sword (Gladius), a pair Roman Sandal Brown (Caligae) and a Roman Helmet Deluxe (Cassis) make the Senator a real fighter for the Republic.

  • Delivery : Tunic, cape, belt
  • Color : White-Red
  • Material : 100% Polyester
  • Size : One Size Fits All
Dimensions One size fits all
Waist approx. 60 cm
Total length tunic approx. 110 cm
Length cape approx. 120 cm