Musketeer Shirt

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Musketeer Shirt

One for all, all for one!

Every man knows the story of the three musketeers and every little boy wants to be one of them. If you still have this dream as a grown up, this Musketeer Shirt is the perfect outfit for you!

Carnival is the best time to slip into a different role and live your dreams. Musketeers stand for strength and the love of adventure. If you dress up as a musketeer for carnival, you will automatically adopt these characteristics. The musketeer top is made of red velvet and features a black emblem at the chest. The sleeves and collar are white with lace and silver trimmings. The crest on the red musketeer tunic depicts a dragon made of fake silver-coloured rivets on a black silver-trimmed background. The sewings of the red tunic are silver-trimmed, too. The Musketeer Shirt has no buttons or zipper, but can be tied in the neck with attached ribbons.
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Includes: Musketeer Shirt
Material: 100% polyester