Magician Costume Blue M

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Magician Costume Blue M

Become with this noble magician costume blue to a powerful element of the magician and thus the star of your Halloween and carnival parties.

The element mage of water, wind, earth and fire are among the most powerful of the good magician available to other mystic creatures to help.The graceful Magician Costume Blue from the horror shop consists of a beautiful floor-length tunic of blue velvet and a thick silver stripes on sleeves end.

The central part of the wizard costume blue decorated with silver stars and provided at the edges with a silver lining.The beautiful magician costume Blue is a blue pointed hat magician, with a padded silver border and printed silver stars.So you completing too your outfit as wind mage we have in our Horror Shop the perfect costume accessories to this beautiful magician costume Blue: White Wizard Wig and Beard and the Disgusting earthworms 12 pieces available.Wig and beard and crystal ball, wand and gloves not included.

Size: M

Material Noble Magician Costume Blue :

  • 85% Polyester
  • 5% metal-colored glitter
  • 10% Nylon

Material of the magician Huts:

  • 35% foam
  • 15% Nylon
  • 5% Metallfabenes Glitter