Winona Indian Costume

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Winona Indian Costume

Qaulitativ very good and nice Squaw costume!

Indians are the Native Americans and have an interesting and long past culture.The Stamemshäuptling was respected and his daughter was the princess and could only be awarded to the bravest tribesmen.Winona is the firstborn and the pride of the chief.

The Winona Indiaerin costume is qualitatively very well made and has some special extras.The Squaw panel consists of 6 parts, all of which are matched to each other.The blouse is kept in a dark brown and can be worn cropped.In a poncho is pulled, which consists of a soft material okerfarbenen.He is drawn diagonally, which creates a sexy effect.On the faux fur collar is incorporated and at the bottom hanging fringes with animal fur look down.The matching skirt is also cut on the bias and makes a lovely figure.At the hem and hir fringes hanging down and to the front is a flap sewn in the same style.In addition, there are laces that are placed around the waist.As a special highlight, the feathered headband and the two animal fur strips among which are attached to the sleeves.You could be the beautiful Squaw costume yet with a sexy Long-haired, sexy Vamp Wig brown and with a bit of make-up, with the Indian Make-Up spice.

Material: 100% Polyester

Contents: Blouse, Poncho, Skirt, Headband, 2x tapes