Scheherazade Premium Costume. M

Item #: 15954 M

Scheherazade Premium Costume.M

The legendary storyteller the king with their 1001 stories charmed and so won his heart .The costume consists Scheherazade is that edged from a midnight blue bustier with gold braid and hung with gold coins at hem.At the hats pants in the same style harem pants are made of gold colored organza attached and in addition it has also ien gold colored organza cloth in order to beguile the king.

Material: 100% Polyester

Size: M

Fairytale Costumes in premium quality as the or transform you quickly into another person.

The costumes from the Premium Collection are characterized by a high-quality processing from.The fabrics used are valent and harder, there are materials like rayon, velvet, brocade, chiffon, tricot and lace are used which are partially decorated richly embroidered and with beautiful decorative borders and they are sealed with proper zippers or buttons.