Marketenderin Plus Size Deluxe Costume

Item #: 8801129PS
Ladies size
  • L/XL 40-42 
  • XL/XXL 42-44 

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Marketenderin Plus Size Deluxe Costume

The chic village girl of the Middle Ages

A sutler were women, accompanied the military troops fed and have medical care.The term comes from the medieval military affairs.

The Sutler Plus Size Deluxe Costume is the perfect carnival costume for a medieval lovers who wish to enjoy better quality.The Middle Ages outfit is a very high quality carnival costume, at that time, held accordingly.An integrated attachment corset can be laced individually.The Carmen neckline and the sleeves are provided with an elastic rubber band.

  • Material: 100% Polyester
Size: 44/46 46/48
Total length approx. 140 cm approx. 140 cm
Shoulder width approx. 47 cm approx. 50 cm
Chest approx. 82 cm approx. 86 cm
Hip width approx. 43 cm approx. 45 cm