Hot Snow Queen Premium Costume. M

Item #: 16015 M

Hot Snow Queen Premium Costume.M

The otherwise rather cool Snow Queen, known to let their opponents frozen in the ice, you heated a duly with the sight of her.The hot Snow Queen wearing a white velvet coat is trimmed to Armbünchen, hem and collar with white faux fur, held together by a white belt.The crowning glory is the white Fellmützchen and leg cuffs from synthetic fur.

Material: 100% Polyester Faux Fur

Size: M

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The costumes from the Premium Collection are characterized by a high-quality processing from.The fabrics used are valent and harder, there are materials such as Rayon , Velvet, Brocade , Chiffon, Tricot fabric and lace are used to partially rich embroidered and decorated with beautiful decorative borders and they are usually sealed with proper zippers or buttons