Can-Can Dress Red

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Can-Can Dress Red

This dance was forbidden by the police

This is really true: under the reign of Napoleon III, it was banned in France, dancing the Can-Can, or to be a spectator.The prudish Catholic upper classes of France was shocked that the dancers not only bone, but also underwear herzeigten, in the most extreme cases, its absence.On the other hand, this prohibition was impossible to enforce.After 1870, the dust had settled and the Can-Can dancers were international stars.

The Red Can Can costume is made of shiny red fabric.The bodice of the dress has black vertical stripes at the hem is a black strip of cloth.One lifts up her skirt, as was customary at the Can Can, the inside sewn-colored fabric panels show in orange, blue and yellow.With the Victorian Boots black-gray with buckles , A few Black nylons with white lace and ribbons and the Burlesque Panties Red L you're going to lie down at a perfect Can Can insert.

  • Material : 100% Polyester
  • Color : Red, Black
  • Mass : Gr.44, waist approx. 42 cm, total length about125 cm