Bollywood Costume Red

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Bollywood Costume Red

Become a Star in India

If you are the city of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) visiting as a tourist in India, it may happen that the movie studios are trying to recruit you as an extra for a Bollywood film.Be as light-skinned and blond usually enough to get a minor role.Then you can give the studios perhaps the biggest stars from all over India meet, and occur in the beautiful costumes of Bollywood divas.

The Bollywood costume red is a typical outfit for a Bollywood production.A floor-length skirt made from a smooth red material with silver braid represents the lower half of the costumeIn addition a brighter short top with a long sash that hangs from the left shoulder.The top is cut asymmetrically and has a short sleeves left, but not right.Add to that a few Golden Earrings with Three Hoops , A Spiral bracelet gold and Xotic Eyes Bollywood Silver and your career in the Indian film can begin.

  • Material : 100% Polyester
  • Color : Red, Bright Red, Silver
  • Mass : Size 38, waist skirt about42 cm, length skirt approx. 100 cm