Ninja Snake Eyes costume S

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Ninja Snake Eyes costume

Snake Eyes of dark ninja from the team of GI Joe

About Snake Eyes Not much is known.About his past, before joining GI Joe, is not much known.Some suspect he was trained by ninja masters who have retired to the Himalayas.Still others suggest that he is a former US Delta Force member and therefore has an outstanding combat capability and training.His equipment consists of a black ninja suit and a mask.This he carries since he was seriously wounded in the face in a helicopter explosion.His face could be restored, is now scarred, but his voice could not be cured.

With the Ninja Snake Eyes costume you looks like Snake Eyes from GI Joe.Muscle pad on the abdomen and the arms can make you look stronger and more muscular.Your face is hidden and protected by Snake Eyes mask.You can see through it, however, and take every opponent targeted.A real ninja kneels down, to hide behind objects, therefore kneepads are attached to the costume.More costume as Eerie Ghost Child Costume L or Reaper Robe Child Costume L you'll find in our shop.

Delivery: 1x GI Joe Snake Eyes costume

  • Content: Ninja Suit with abs and arm muscles, knee pads, mask and hood
  • Material: 100% Polyester
Size: M 7-8 J L 10-12 J
Children Size: approx. 122-130 cm approx. 137-147 cm
chest approx. 66-69 cm approx. 71-76 cm
Waist size: approx. 58-61 cm approx. 61-64 cm
Hips: approx. 64-69 cm approx. 71-76 cm
Step (s) approx. 54 cm approx. 60 cm
Weight: approx. 22-27 kg approx. 27-39 kg