Black Knight Costume Set

Item #: 69025

Black knight costume set

The medieval knight protect alls party guests

Kids adore knight, soldier and warrior costumes, because they always want to protect their country and even the whole world against mean and dangerous enemies. Now You can turn Your son into a strong medieval warrior with our black knight costume set for the Halloween or theme party night

Our black knight costume set is a four pieces armor for children, which consist of a shield, a helmet, a chest protector and a sword. The knight set’s chest protector is decorated with four silver buttons and a silver dragon, which is maybe the blazon of an old dynasty. Your son can take on the chest protector with two adjustable belts. The shield of the black knight costume set is decorated the same silver blazon and adjustable belts. To the knight helmet belong naturally a movable visor, which can be pulled up, as the big fight is over. The finishing touch to Your black knight costume set is the black sword. You can complement Your medieval knight outfit with 15759 L, which You can order beside other historical costume ideas and accessories at

  • Includes: 1x Black knight costume set
  • Size: one size
  • Colour: black, silver
  • Material: 100% polyester