Alligator Kids Costume. XL

Item #: 16023 XL

Alligator Kids Costume.XL

Funny Crocodile costume for children Animal Costume

The grim prehistoric lizards like alligators and crocodiles are not necessarily known for its cuddly factor.All the more funny when your baby a hand to the alligator costume bares teeth, on the other hand in a warm jumpsuit cool carnival time can experience without getting cold.

The Alligator Baby costume consists of a full body suit with alligator tail, a hood, where the an alligator head is attached, and matching gloves.The costume is printed with a green-yellow scales pattern.The hood has the sparkling eyes and the teeth of the upper jaw ranging Alligators placed over the face.Maxilla and Lizard Tail are filled with foam.More Baby Costumes from the realm of lizards are the Three Horn Dino Child Costume Green L Which Dino Rex costume red M and a Fire Dragon Child Costume Green Gr. M ,

1 x Alligator Kinderkostüm

  • Color: Green
  • Size: XL ca.107-125
  • Material: 100% Polyester