Riding Goblin Dog Costume

Item #: 15495

Riding Goblin Dog Costume

Fantasy Dog costume of a Goblin or Orc for Halloween

Super ingenious Halloween costume for dogs! With the failed fantasy dog ​​costume are you and your best friend hit at any Halloween party, and each carnival parade.The riding Goblin is applied easily with a Velcro like a normal dog harness and already is "fighting Ork" in use, and can let the whole neighborhood look into other worlds.

The riding Goblin is made of latex and fits dogs the size Medium to Large.For the fabulous dog owners among you, we have the Orc mask made of foam latex or the cool Orc Contact Lenses as fast Panel Releases.

  • 1 x Goblin Dog Costume
  • Size: Suitable for larger dogs
  • Material: latex, polyester, synthetic leather