Alien Monstrosity Mask Skin Coloured

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Alien Monstrosity Mask Skin Coloured

Dangerous encounters of the fourth kind!

Encounters between humans and aliens with the aliens usually coming in peace are extraordinary encounters of the third kind. Encounters of the fourth kind on the other hand, are of a more sinister nature. These encounters are are the result of gruesome motives like using humans for medical experiments. So if you happen to meet such an Alien Monstrosity, your life will be in danger and even if you return, you will be physically and mentally scarred for life. With this Alien Mask you can turn yourself into a creature from the fourth dimension and shock whoever happens on your way.

This skin-coloured full mask is made of soft flexible foam latex, so your facial expressions will be partially visible on the science fiction mask. The mask has eye holes. The skin of the alien monstrosity is made with a lot of attention to detail. The mask looks like a crustacean with slightly rocky features and an octopus being stuck over them.  The alien's nose is equipped with two big suckers while the mouth looks a bit like a pig snout. The white irides add a rather bizarre, yet monstrous and sinister touch to this Alien Mask. Even though the monster seems to smile, one can't help thinking that this creature is absolutely unpredictable. One wonders what horrible actions the alien is plotting.  A Bloody Mutant Arm and our Alien Contact Lenses are the perfect accessories to add the finishing touch to your fantastic alien outfit. Now rock the boat at Halloween or theme parties and science fiction events!

Material: foam latex; size: one size fits most adults

  • soft and flexible foam latex mask
  • high-quality Greyland Movie Mask for scienc fiction fans
  • a masterly made Alien Mask for Halloween and theme parties