Walking Dead Zombie Girl Mask

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Walking Dead Zombie Girl Mask

The original licensed undead look for all zombie fans

The American television series "The Walking Dead" has a large following in Germany.As part of the increasingly complex television series, there is now finally one that detail is devoted to the zombie theme.The action is similar to that of a classic George A.Romero zombie film - a group of people must fight in an apocalyptic world for their survival against the undead.The atmospheric look and sophisticated characters of the series inspire critics and audiences alike.If you also want to look like a real running dead times, get the Walking Dead Zombie Girl mask.

The littered with wounds face of a little girl with long disheveled hair are the hallmark of the Walking Dead Zombie Girl mask.This splatter look you can be proud of Walk up any Halloween party and each zombie.Additionally recommend our Walking Zombie costume for girls and the Undead Zombie Hands .

  • Scope of delivery: 1 Walking Dead Zombie Girl Mask
  • Color: beige / red
  • Size: Full head mask