Reptiles demon mask
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Reptiles demon mask

Item #: 18076

Reptiles demon mask

The reptile demon mask is the image of a mighty volcano demon

The reptiles Demon Mask is a very realistic, handmade and hand painted horror mask made of foam latex.Such masks are perfect for theater and film suitable because they reflect accurately as silicone masks that mimic the wearer realistic.However, unlike silicone masks are much more comfortable to wear because they are not as hard and you sweat when not wear so much.

The quality mask has bent in the cranial region and a smaller horn sits down two large and two small horns on his chin.The resulting by hand painting texture wears extremely at the realistic effect.

  • Delivery: 1x reptiles demon mask
  • Color: green
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Material: 100% spandex

Caution: The Reptile Demon Mask is ruled out as unique and Artwork from the exchange!