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The Thug Silicone Mask

Item #: 19507

The Thug Silicone Mask

A high-quality movie mask at an unbeatable price!

Silicone Masks have a lot of pros. They fit extremely well, are very comfortable to wear and move when your face moves so your facial expressions are still visible when wearing the mask. The surface of these movie masks looks and feels very similar to skin, so not only is this kind of horror mask frequently used in the entertainment industry but many mask collectors consider it something like the Holy Grail of masks.

This creepy Halloween mask with the nasty thug features would normally cost many times more than it does. The fantastic full head mask covers the head, neck and part of the chest. Turn yourself into a scary stranger at the next Halloween party with our amazing The Thug Silicone Mask! This bargain mask is a second hand mask. We have many other Silicone Masks in stock, e.g. the Silicone Mask Demon Belial and the Silicone Mask Devil. Check them out in our Horror Shop!

  • material: silicone
  • facial expressions fully visible
  • comfortable fit
  • perfect fit

Please note: All silicone masks are unique copies and objects of art. They cannot be returned or exchanged!