Splatter Zombie Mask

Item #: 19060

Splatter Zombie Mask

The Splatter Zombie has gory and bloodthirsty zombie features. the ideal horror mask for the zombie walk!

When the Splatter Zombie invites to the zombie walk, every year hundreds of zombies move slowly through the city streets. In many cities the zombie walk, just like the Christopher Street Day, is one of the highlights of the summer. When else do you have the chance to wear fancy dress and make-up in mid summer? On top of that you can enjoy yourself scaring off the model citizens of your hometown.

The Splatter Zombie Mask is a full head latex mask with the features of a bloodthirsty zombie with vampire-like bat ears, bloodied teeth and dangerously glinting eyes. The zombie mask fits very well and is perfectly painted with lots of attention to detail.

Material: latex, size: adult