Slipknot Mask Mick

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Slipknot Mask Mick

Original, licensed Slipknot mask for fans of Heavy Metal Band

Slipknot is an American alternative metal band from the province of Iowa and was founded 1995thMain distinguishing feature of the American metal band, the members of the band all behind her horror hiding masks and one without your Slipknot gets these rare masks to face.Each of Slipknot masks has its own character and is sometimes even further developed or replaced.

The Slipknot Mask Mick reminiscent of a mixture of ice hockey mask and the mask of Shredder from the movie, the ninja Turtels.The stark horror mask similar to a mask made of metal but is made of latex.Our Slipknot Mask Mick is officially licensed, handmade and is held on the back by a rubber band and velcro.With us you get all original Slipknot masks at a lower price.

  • Delivery: 1 Slipknot Mask Mick
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: latex