Serial Killer Rhomb Tom Mask

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Serial Killer Rhomb Tom Mask

Horror mask with rough cuts in the face

Eventually the Clown was the circus life too strenuous and the madness that plagued his family for years, also attacked him over.To be specific, he slashed himself a broad grin across his face.The "opened" his eyes in a very special way.With its unusually cruel favorite toy " Plastic cutlery black "He is like his victims in a very special, quite painfully.

The facial mask of Rhomb Tom, with slits above the eyes and wide grin Joker is rich in detail painted by hand and is secured with a rubber band at the top.In our serial killer series you will also find Serial Killer Clip Chip Mask . Serial Killer Checkered Jack Mask and many others.,,

  • Delivery: 1x serial killer Rhomb Tom Mask
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Material: latex