Rat Man Latex Mask

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Rat Man Latex Mask

Rats man latex mask symbolizes a genetic mutation of disgusting sewer rats.

Everyone pours its toxic waste into the wastewater and contaminated groundwater so.What emerges here makes the rats man latex mask significantly.A mutant rat that has adopted the size of a human.The nasty long teeth of rats mask can be a dangerous weapon horror.Rats are very intelligent animals.therefore man should be careful.

Rats mask is made of latex, is very well made and vile lovingly set Deatils as isolated set gray synthetic hair giving the rodent mask their realistic appearance, intended to increase the Genmutationseffekt.

to your Rat Man Costume to make perfect, you still need maybe skin-colored Demon Hands And a Halloween accessory in form of Leg right Vinyl ,

Material: latex and synthetic hair.