Orc Warrior Mask

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Orc Warrior Mask

As a soldier of Mordor maskierst you doing hunting Elves & Dwarves

Ever since the movie "The Lord of the Rings" Orcs are known in all ages, giving the evil in mythical Gesichichten a face.As Cruel Warriors Sauron Dark Ruler they prefer to hunt humans and feed for her life like Hobbit meat.Become a fierce mythical creature with this monster mask.

The full face mask showing the face of a combative Orc warrior waiting with bared teeth and stare at his next enemy.His scars strewn face is decorated with white war paint, the long hair only begin in the middle of the head to sprout and hang like thin straw down on both sides.Ears Standing pointed off to the sides, one of which is connected by a chain to the nostril piercing.With the Demonic Horror Double Ax and the Shoulder Armor with skull ensteht the perfect outfit of Middle-earth.

  • Delivery: 1 x Mask
  • Material: latex
  • Color: Gray