Killer Kick-Ass Wolf Mask Deluxe

Item #: 14235

Killer Kick-Ass Wolf Mask Deluxe

Werewolf Mask with graying hair art

Dress up for Halloween but even as a bloodthirsty werewolf.As soon as the full moon is in the sky you'll to raging beast and are then stop only by a silver bullet.The fantastic Killer Kick Ass Wolf mask is a luxury version in theater quality.

Movable luxury version of a werewolf mask.The werewolf mask is made of latex, handpainted and decorated with rich fake blood.The werewolf has gray-black synthetic hair, bared teeth and is held in place by rubber bands.The lower jaw of the werewolf can be moved with your own jaw.

1 x Killer Kick-Ass Wolf Mask Deluxe

  • Color: Grey-black heather
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: Latex and 100% synthetic fur