Immolate mask

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Immolate mask

Latex mask of a burnt offering for Halloween parties

Do you want to scare this year for Halloween with a gruesome costume your friends and all the partygoers to death? Our fire victim mask as a Halloween costume accessories is then an ideal choice for you.The creepy fire victims Latex Mask you can perfectly complete and all eyes are on the Halloween or theme party, get your zombie or monster costume.

The fire victims mask shows a burned half face, the other half is still in order.On the right side of the face is missing skin, hair, ear and lip, only few muscle fibers and tendons are recognizable.The right eye is blind and fried in its orbit.The left side shows the previous state of the fire victim, there are hair and skin still intact.Really nice macabre acts the latex mask with the Firefighter Costume ML , This can be even with the Scorched Skin Gel right arm decorate.The fire victims mask and other costume accessories for Halloween waiting for you in horror

  • Delivery: 1x Immolate mask
  • Size: Full head mask
  • material : Latex, 100% synthetic hair