Freaky Zombie Mask

Item #: 19978

Freaky Zombie Mask

Cool Halloween & Horror mask for the Zombie Walk

Creepy Zombie masks are a must if you pull on Halloween around the houses or want to take part in the zombie walk.With a Freaky Zombie Mask you for all kinds of horror Events masked and can use it to scare unsuspecting citizens.

The Freaky Zombie mask work with detailed processing of the surface.Behind the eye openings are appointed with black net, so that the eyes are hardly recognizable from the outside, but you have a good view to the outside anyway.With an elasticated the zombie mask is attached to the back of the head to ensure good seating comfort.The Zombie Skeleton Costume XL and the Dark Zombie Costume Costume panels are ideal for the zombie mask, you freaky, creepy performances guarantee as living dead on Halloween, horror events and the Zombie Walk.

Package included: 1 x Freaky Zombie Mask

  • Zombie Mask for Halloween, Horror Zombie Walk and Events
  • Vinyl mask with elastic band for fixing to the back of the head
  • Material: vinyl and polyester
  • Size: One Size