Fatty Hamskins mask

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Fatty Hamskins mask

The Trailer Park Woman mask you can really thick layer

Fatty Hamskins has a sunny disposition and great hair.That was pretty much all that nature has given her on positive things.Your addiction to chocolate cream cake you stand in his face in several kilos, the quadruple chin is so heavy that it pulls down the entire lower lip.The cauliflower ears covered with so much face mass barely in's weight.And now it's your blind date, you Happy.,,

The Fatty Hamskins mask is a very overweight, but good-humored woman's face.Your huge grin showing all his teeth, the lower lip has slipped by the weight of multiple-chin down even further.The cauliflower ears are framed by thick blond braids.The mask is an excellent addition to fatsuit costumes as Fat Stripper costume , the Babsy Fat Strip Club Beauty Costume or just a Skin-colored Fat Suit ,

1 x Fatty Hamskins mask

  • Color: Skin color
  • Size: Full head mask
  • material : Latex, 100% synthetic hair