Dracula Latex Mask

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Dracula Latex Mask

The Dracula Latex Mask is the perfect disguise for anyone who ever wanted to play a vampire prince.

Any horror movie fan's Dracula a term, but who will pay for itself so that these graceful prince of darkness in real to meet.The vampire mask looks so real that you believe Dracula is personally one.The blood on the mouth of the Dracula mask indicates that the vampire prince is not a vegetarian.

The Dracula mask is made of latex and covers the whole head during this on the front of even a part of the breast covered.The horror mask bloodsucker is painted and impresses with the smallest details like bright eyes and extra bloody Vamopirzähne manually.

To customize your Halloween outfit even scarier, you could a Dracula turning Satin cape and a noble Walking Stick with diamond Knauf Add to your Dracula Latex Mask.

Material: Latex