Clown Mask Polly

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Clown Mask Polly

With our Clown Mask Polly you will become the nightmare of the circus matinee!

Not without reason you might be scared of our Clown Mask Polly. Her sweet smile is caused by two deep slashes in her cheeks which were stapled to become a nasty grin. Polly isn't exactly what you would call a friendly clown and rumour is that she hides behind  the makeup and the smile to conceal her true identity....some say that Polly is a serial killer...

Clown masks have a somehow creepy side and our Clown Mask Polly is no exception. The white clown make-up and strong eye make-up, the little red nose and the formerly sensual lips make our zombie girl clown the perfect buffoon to welcome the audience, and especially children. If only she hadn't these dreadful bloody cuts on the cheek bones which not even her yellow curls can hide!

Material: latex, size: adult

  • Mega cool clown mask
  • High-quality latex
  • Synthetic hair
  • Shiny eyes
  • Hand painted
  • Great for fun fairs, the Zombie Walk and Halloween