Circus clown horror mask

Item #: 17421

Circus clown horror mask

Creepy clown mask with clown wig for Halloween

The nasty circus clown mask as a horror mask for Halloween, a fantastic masking is in order to amusement parks or circus ring to drive the loose.With the eerie clown mask you can act as a "jester" and make people with clown phobia really scared in horror circus.

The great-looking and highly affordable circus clown horror mask is a mask and latex has been working part wig of colored artificial hair.More scary masks the horror genre as the Scary Gary Clown Mask or Stalker Clown Mask you will ruin once and for all the laughter.

1 x Fearsome Clown Mask

  • Color colorful
  • Material: Latex
  • Size: full head mask with wig
  • Ingenious horror mask!
  • Fiese clown mask with wig