Carlos the Clown Mask

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Carlos the Clown Mask

Much ado about Carlos...

Stage fright can become a serious problem for a circus artist. Especially when you are a clown and have to perform several times during each show. A few years back Carlos simply drank a bottle of Whiskey and the problem was solved, but now he only manages to face the audience when topping up his Dutch courage with seventeen differnt types op pills. The pills fight it out in his brain and his performances are perfect.

The Carlos the Clown latex mask has the white painted features of a clown with red clown nose and blue painted lips. Two red triangles are painted over the green eyes with pin-sized pupils, the clowns mouth is smiling disturbingly. If you need acn outfit to match the Carlos the Clown Mask, have a look at the Funny Circus Clown Costume, the Clown costume with Frack L or the  Bubbles Clown Costume .
  • Material: latex