Women mask made of foam latex Kiki

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Women mask made of foam latex Kiki

The women mask for the perfect metamorphosis to extravagant diva

The feminine face mask Kiki makes you act so refined that the blood of your male admirers falls neatly boil.Latex masks with female facial features can also kantigste men face appear delicate and feminine.The transformation to the woman is made to you simply by the feminization.

Female face masks allow the multiple mutability and endless options a variety of characters.Through the use of various accessories such as glasses, hats and especially wigs, the women face mask is made of foam latex for the perfect illusion and is very often used in ballet and men in drag shows.

The women mask Kiki has a realistic skin color and was created by a professional makeup artist and handmade.The foam latex mask has an expressive mouth and Asia looking eyes, which are cut to the pupil.In addition, the women can make-up mask, is breathable and has a very good fit.

Beautiful realistic face masks as Viktor men mask made of foam latex or Sibell woman mask you'll find the range.

  • Material: foam latex