Rotting Zombie Mask

Item #: 18250

Rotting Zombie Mask

Single piece for lovers the rotting Zombie Mask

For Halloween you can see tons of monsters, werewolves and undead, with the rotting Zombie Mask play well you your mischief in dark corners.Since the surprise success of US series The Walking Dead zombies was as it were given new life.

The unique rotting Zombie Mask e has been sculpted by professional makeup artist in Hollywood.With the combination of foam Late x which was applied to a spandex backing provides the zombie mask the advantage that the expression is transmitted at the same time tensile strength.The hand-painted rotting Zombie Mask is a unique piece and artwork.Gruesome grins you the Untotenmaske out of her mouth, which the flesh from the jaw is rotted and the skull, the skin is already abgegammelt.Many other ingenious horror masks like the Bloody Sadist Mask and the Hillbilly cannibals mask there are now available.
Matrial: spandex, latex foam

Caution: The rotting Zombie Mask is ruled out as unique and Artwork from the exchange!