Decaying Zombie Mask

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Decaying Zombie Mask

If you walk the streets on Halloween you might meet creepy beings and undead creatures. But with the Decaying Zombie Mask you can take on anybody. With the big success of US series The Walking Dead, zombies came back to life in the truest sense of the word. The horribly disfigured Decaying Zombie Mask comes right from Hollywood's mask maker studios. A elastane base makes this foam latex mask extremely tear resistant while the soft foam latex makes sure the wearer's facial expressions are visible on the mask. The Decaying Zombie Mask is handpainted, so it is a unique copy and a work of art. This rotting undead mask is guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of the other Halloween party guests! The Decaying Zombie Mask fits reather tightly. Have a look at more fantastic horror masks like the Rotting Zombie Mask und die Hillbilly cannibals mask in our online store! 

Please note: As the Decaying Zombie Mask is a unique copy and a work of art, it is non-returnable.

Material: elastane and foam latex