Child Mask Monkey

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Child Mask Monkey

The monkeys are dancing on the table

Dynamic little monkeys jumping at the zoo through the enclosure and have only nonsense in your head are usually the favorites of young children.With wide eyes they stand in front of the enclosure and watch the monkeys!

What little boy would not even be a monkey and swinging through the jungle.With the kids monkey mask is an easy game, because then you're verwandelst quickly in an inquisitive monkeys.The mask is made of thin plastic and has a rubber band so that it also holds on the head.Due to the nice painting the monkey face looks super real! The eyes and mouth are cut out so you can see well and drink.The ears may of course not be missing in a monkey, so they are also the same integrated with the mask.
With the right costume to it and a banana in your hand you will become a flagship Monkeys!
More mask as the Kids Mask Piglet or Child Mask Kittens there is also with us.

  • Material: Plastic
  • nice painting
  • Rubber band for attaching
  • Recesses of the eyes and mouth to see and Drink / Speeches