Rococo Wig Louis

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Rococo Wig Louis

Turn yourself into a nobleman from days long gone!

During the baroque and rococo era, wigs were a symbol of wealth and rank. They were worn by members of nobility, culured classes and sophisticated ranks. From France, wigs conquered the biggest part of Europe until they went out of fashion from the beginning of the French Revolution. The tradition of wearing wigs survives in a few legal systems in various countries of the Commonwealth. This rococo wig featres the characteristic side curls and a ponytal with black bow.

With this rocococ wig you can turn yourself into Mozart, Frederick the Great and other historic characters and add the finishing touches to any baroque or rococo style outfit. Pair it with our Louis XIV King Costume Deluxe or the Louis Ghost Costume M   for a perfect rococo look!

Additional information:

  • Hair colour: blond
  • Rococo style
  • Ponytail with black bow