Pageboy Wig White

Item #: 19263

 Pageboy Wig White

A beautiful Lady Gaga style bob wig!

With this pageboy wig you can recreate the elegant stylings of the early 1920s and feel like a young lady. Bob haircuts will never go out of fashion as they make every woman look very elegant and match any kind of outfit. Our Pageboy Wig White is the perfect accessory for carnival, Halloween and theme parties!

The Pageboy Wig White is chin length and brings the extravagant look of Lady Gaga to mind. It features a fringe that softly frames your features and underlines the classic bob haircut. Match this gorgeous wig with our Charleston Dress Red S and the extendable cigarette holder to create a stylish 20s look with a modern touch.

Additional information on the Pageboy Wig White:

  • material: synthetic hair
  • hair length: chin length
  • colour: white