Neon Pink Wig

Item #: 20490

Neon Pink Wig

With the wig in neon pink on the techno party

The party's motto is "Think Pink" and accordingly shrill should all be dressed.When you have attracted the wig in neon pink, but also T-shirt, skirt, lipstick, nail polish, tights and shoes are bright pink.In daylight it looks so light you at a great distance, in the evening at the party you get the prize for the pinkest outfit.

The Neon Pink Wig is a long-hair wig, which extends to the chest down.A fransiges Pony is decorated with black streaks in the main parts are the left and right a black streak to find.A black bow on top of the head is an accent in between all the neon pink.A Mini Petticoat Pink and a Striped Neon Tights Pink are a good combination with the pink wig, the Sexy Catsuit Pink would also be a hit.

  • Material : Synthetic Hair
  • Color : Pink, black