Real hair mustache gray

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Real hair mustache gray

True men wear a beard and a mustache, although ideally

The leather pants fit tight, your vest is on and face emblazoned a noble ornament: The real hair mustache in gray.Rarely has so easily transformed into a tough bloke, the Halloween fingerschnipsend like Freddy Mercury copes as a party king.

The Real Hair Beard Moustache gray in color, widely known as Mustache, not only has a deep tradition but can now also easily attached.The real hair is tied with a transparent foam rubber and can be positioned by transparent adhesive tape on the face, without much effort.Comes with two adhesive strips are included, the mustache is about 10 cm wide.Many other cool beards like the 8802007 and the 20556 can be found here in the shop.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 Human Hair Beard Moustache black (incl.2 Plastic tape)
  • Measurements:10 cm wide
  • Color: gray
  • Material: real hair, foam rubber, skin-friendly adhesive tape