Real Hair Beard Lincoln Black

Item #: 15083

Real Hair Beard Lincoln Black

The beard of the famous America's President Abraham Lincoln is a classic

The historic beard mold is used repeatedly for film and theater, and therefore never loses its appeal.The black Lincoln beard is made of real hair, it is hand-knotted and brought through a mask pictorial special procedures in its realistic form.

In particular, through the authentic color veining of real hair beard Lincoln ensures an extremely professional transformation result.The extreme durability of real hair provides even with frequent applications a high wearing comfort and a realistic effect.The Real Hair Beard Lincoln is with Mastix spirit gum small (Included) attached.For children or single use, we have more favorable beards as beard Dandy black . beard Bureaucrat Black . beard Elegan black . beard Ghent black available in black and brown in the range!

  • 1 x Lincoln beard
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Human Hair