Professor beard combi gray

Item #: 15126

Professor beard combi gray

Gray beard Combined with upper lip and chin beard

The Professor beard combi gray turned you in no time to a cool beard.With this cool real hair beard you'll instantly into an evil religion teacher and can give the naughty students some extra homework.

Our real hair beards are hand-knotted and brought by a special process in its realistic form.In particular, the authentic color veining of Professor beard combi gray makes for a very impressive effect.The Professor beard Kombi is a combination of gray a gray mustache and a gray beard of real hair.The extreme durability of Professor beard combi gray of real hair provides, even when using a high wearing comfort and a particularly realistic effect.The Professor beard combi gray is bonded by mastic adhesive skin easily to the skin.Mastic is included.More real hair beards and costume accessories you can find a large selection in horror

  • Delivery: 1x Professor Barkombi, 2x 2ml mastic adhesive skin
  • Color: gray
  • Material: Human hair